Amy & Scott – works of heart

At ETCH, we desire to do life together — with you — to encourage and build each other up.  We pray that this community would be like iron sharpening iron.

Last week, we started the WORK OF HEART series on our blog.  We have asked people all over the country to share their hearts with you and what God is doing in their lives.

Today is Day #5 and we are excited to introduce Scott & Amy to you.  They have been married for 27 years and have three kids (the oldest is married and in seminary, and the others are ages 22 & 19).  Scott is the Lead Pastor at The Journey Church West County in St. Louis, MO. Amy does some contract sales work for a company for a few weeks in the Fall. The rest of the year she volunteers by heading up Women’s Studies at church, mentors for the wives of The 314 Institute Seminary students (extension of Midwestern Seminary), and meets with other women on an on-going basis. For over 20 years, Scott and Amy have had the privilege of walking many couples through premarital counseling.

Hear how God is working in their hearts…

Amy: Lately I’ve been wondering how I got to this point so quickly…middle age. It really feels like just yesterday my kids were young..and so was I! It is a unique time in life. My body fails me more than it used to. I have young friends having babies and many friends losing their parents. I miss a lot of things about my younger self and life with all the kids still living under our roof. I’ve been reflecting and seeking what the Lord would have for me in this time of life. I heard this recently: God’s will for me, or anyone desiring to take up the cross and follow Him is just this…do the next right Gospel thing. God has been gracious to provide opportunities for me to meet with and share in the lives of women he puts in my path. The beauty of getting older is, you have some life and hopefully wisdom to share that might resonate with others. There is a freedom that comes with being this age. Another perk is that Scott and I have a lot more uninterrupted time together and we’re loving it!

Scott: My biggest struggle right now is insecurity.  While I know I am fully accepted because of the Gospel, I have to regularly remind myself of that reality.  I am so tempted to think my value is in how I perform.  It seems like, in His mercy, God continues to put me in situations where I cannot rely on myself.  Sometimes I have to laugh to myself because it is clear He will not let me off the hook.  Recently, I began taking classes at seminary and I am regularly fearful I will be exposed.  What am I doing leading a church?  I have so much to learn.  I have to remember that He has called me to this place, and He will give me what I need to do all that He has called me to do.  But it is an ongoing battle in my mind.  

Amy: Really, for so many years life always seemed to just kind of go my way. Then, after entering full-time ministry, life seemed to get harder. There were more struggles, personally and in the lives of people we were ministering to. Something I’ve learned (and am still learning) is that our pain and struggle are part of our story.  These make us more real and relatable. Sometimes God calms the storm and sometimes He sends it. These storms cause us to draw near…to live in God’s story to God’s glory. We live with hope because of His love. I know my cry for relief cannot be louder than my cry for a changed heart. He allows the hard in our lives because He loves us enough to mold us into His image bearers. Sometimes as I reflect on seasons in life or situations, I am blown away by His complete love and care for me in the hard, difficult times.  My biggest struggle is loving and serving the idols in my life. Those are all the things that I am valuing more that Christ at any given moment. Often times they revolve around the people I love, or comfort and ease. I pray that God would reveal the areas of my life that are repent-able, repairable, and redeemable.  Then, that He would enable me to “grow in grace.”

John 20:21 — Jesus said, “As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you.”

Scott:  Personally, I want to be more engaged with the lost world around me.  it is far too easy for all my time to be spent around people who already know Jesus.  I am trying to be intentional about being in places and situations where I can interact with people who are not yet connected to Jesus.  As a church, we want to be sent each week — we gather so that we can be scattered into the world.  We also hope to plant a church in the next 12 months and begin sending our people to the unreached people of the world by 2017.  We want to be a sending church.



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