being intentional

Lord, what are human beings that you care for them,

mere mortals that you think of them?  

They are like a breath;

their days are like a fleeting shadow.   Psalm 144:3-4

Most days it feels like this.  Not enough time in the world to tackle all the things that need to get done in a short 24-hour time period.  We all feel that way.  Most people that I ask how they are doing, they sigh and say, “busy!”  It’s my response too.  Like we get some award for how busy we are and how exhausted we appear.

As I reflect back over my day, it feels like all I did was run from place to place just trying to survive.  I feel the weight of it.

This causes me to pause…and come to the following conclusions:

  1. If we believe that Psalm 144 is true, and our days are a fleeting shadow, then shouldn’t I be more intentional with my day?  What am I doing with the “down” time?  What am I talking with my kids about while driving them all over creation?  What am I thinking about while I’m cleaning my house?  Am I making dinner alone or bringing my family into the process to make spending time with them a priority over just getting things accomplished?
  2. If I am like a breath and my day is like a fleeting shadow, why do I stress so much about the little things?  Do I care if my son wants to wear knee-high socks to preschool? Does it bother me that my daughter thinks pink floral prints and pink stripes match because they are both pink?  Should I get all bothered by the fact that my husband wants to wear his shoes in the house on the floors I just finished cleaning?  The answer to all of these questions is “yes.”  Yes, I care.  Yes, it bothers me.  And, could you please take off your shoes, honey?!  But, should it?  If the day is a fleeting shadow, is it necessary to let these little morsels of nothingness make me lose it?  I think I answered my own question.

So, now what.  What will I do differently today than I did yesterday?

Be intentional.  

I want my moments to count.  I want His Word to be on my lips whether I’m cleaning or kindly asking my husband to take off his shoes (or biting my tongue).

However, I just want to prepare you.  We will all fail at this.  We will all lose it, we will all care, and we will all be bothered at some point.  But, in those moments, I pray that you’ll be reminded of Psalm 144 and God’s promise to us.  Our days are so short — even when they feel long.  We are just a shadow, merely passing through because this is not our home.  I’m going to be intentional about keeping that truth at the forefront of my mind.  Won’t you?  Let’s do it together.

In Pursuit,


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