Building Our Kingdoms

Have you ever had that moment…

You’re sitting in church…and as the pastor is speaking it all-of-a-sudden feels like you are the only one he is talking to.  It has nothing to do with eye contact or where you’re sitting in the room, but instead, everything to do with the words coming out of his mouth.

That was me yesterday.

The hundreds of people that joined me at Liberty Christian Fellowship during the 3rd service might as well have been flies on a wall because Tim Fritson was talking directly to Carrie Flener.  Or rather, God was talking through Tim to Carrie.  However you view it, I heard God loud and clear.  And the message pierced my heart — tore down walls and convicted me of so many things that I fool myself into believing.

It’s rare that I go back and listen to a sermon that I’ve already heard once.  Not that they aren’t worth it, but usually — for me — it’s a time factor.

Today is a little different.

Make time for this one, friend.  Do yourself a favor and listen to these words.  I hate to give anything away and I want you to have your own experience with the message that God may speak to your heart.  I want you to hear God, not Carrie.  So, listen…and then comment below and let me know what God’s teaching you through it.   I’ll do the same…



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