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The one and only thing that distracts me from running the race God has called me to do, is ME. I’m a control-freak. Sometimes (more times than not) I get in the way of my own wants and desire, and try to take control, instead of trusting in Him, and simply letting God guide me through those hard and trying times.

While I whole-heartedly trust God, I sometimes still want to take the wheel. The worldly me wants to be in control and fix it all first and try to come to God with my checklist of everything I’m doing to glorify Him. But friends, listen – He doesn’t want or care about my checklists…He doesn’t want me to be perfect. He wants ME – to come to Him broken with my arms stretched out, saying, “I need you Lord!” And sometimes, it’s only in those moments of despair and frustration that I’m finally willing to give up that control and ask for God’s guidance, mercy, and grace.

The one thing that I do (and I don’t always do this), is continually pray over my day, pray over my decisions to be made, ask for guidance, and give up those burdens, give up that need for control and have faith that God will be there to walk me through the tough stuff.

So, let’s get personal… I’m going to share something about me that is just one of the most recent trials of my life, because I know we all have ‘STUFF’…And we all have things that we’d rather not share… maybe you’ve lost a loved one, or have gone through a divorce, or struggled financially after losing a job. We ALL have STUFF. So here’s goes:

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Recently, I was diagnosed with B Cell Lymphoma, a Marginal Zone Lymphoma behind my right eye. I’ve not shared it with many, and I’ve known for a little over a year that something just wasn’t right…but never had doctors provide answers. I saw doctor after doctor, did full panel blood work 3 different times…never satisfied that what I was hearing from doctors was, “everything came back normal.”  I pressed on, demanded tests, continued to pray and trust in God to guide me. After being referred a little over 2 months ago, I found doctors at KU Eye Center who immediately wanted to biopsy both eyes. Within 2 days, I found out I had cancer. What did this mean?!?! I couldn’t process it. I was devastated about that cancer & all of the “unknowns” going through my head, but I was so filled with faith in that moment, relieved and thankful that I had some answers. The KU Cancer Team hit the ground running, several appointments each week (meeting with doctors, pet scan, bone marrow biopsy, blood work, more blood work, you name it) it was and still is exhausting. But I kept pressing along, confident that “God’s Got This.” That’s what I’d tell everyone. Because it’s true. I found out that the cancer was just behind my eye, not anywhere else – Can I get an AMEN?!! But you know what? Before I found all of that out, I began preparing for the worst. My husband and I discussed my will, how it would affect our children… And as scared as I was, there was peace through my faith that “God’s Got This.” I was and I still am confident in that statement. It’s no coincidence that in 10 years of marriage, my husband just so happened to be seeking Christ for the first time, as a new follower. And this was before we knew anything about the cancer. This is HUGE, people! God’s plans for our lives are continuing to unfold.

photo by :: Grace Photography

photo by :: Grace Photography

Friends, God is always at work in our lives, even when we’re going through something difficult – even if the outcome isn’t what we wanted for ourselves or a loved one. Remember, it’s His will we should consider for our lives, and not our own. We are here to LIVE, ‘Live On Purpose’ – For God’s Glory. We are to be servants to one another, witnessing to anyone and everyone we encounter, making disciples. We are not meant to “live perfectly,” but we are called to Live Perfectly In Christ Jesus. None of us were born perfect/flawless – but through the acceptance of Christ Jesus, we can truly be reborn & LIVE.

I love the Live on Purpose Collection & hope that each of you think about what (or should I say, “whom”) you are living for. I challenge you to think about the areas of life that can distract you from God’s beautiful plan for your life, and what you can do to make the change – to live a more Christ-centered life.

Chelsie is a wife, mother, and business woman. I’m a Real Estate Broker for Turn Key Realty, wife to Jeremy, and married for 10 years.  She’s a step-momma to Morgan (age 16), momma to Braddock (age 9) and Beau (age 3). They also have a 4-year-old English Bulldog named Rocky.

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