Christ is enough

As a new week begins, we have an opportunity that awaits us.  Whether you have toddlers decorating your carpet with toys or teenagers testing boundaries, the one thing we can control is our response.  Will we get angry, lose our patience, and scream?  Or give Jesus control…even when it’s hard and we’d rather just scream.

Today at church we sang the song, Christ is Enough.  While singing at the top of my lungs with tears streaming down my cheeks, I realized something.  Christ is enough.  Even when I think I can do it on my own.  Even when the mountain seems too steep to climb and there’s not enough time.  Even when every detail of my life seems to be going my way.  Christ is enough.

The lyrics at the end of the song are the cry of my heart:

I have decided to follow Jesus

No turning back.  No turning back

The cross before me.  The world behind me.

No turning back.  No turning back.

Christ is enough for me.  Christ is enough for me.

Everything I need is in You.  Everything I need.

Take a moment.  Give God control of your week — every detail.  The significant, the insignificant, and everything in between.  As you lay them at the feet of Jesus, listen to this song by Hillsong United.  Worship Him and watch for Him to work.




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