Dillon – Being Courageous

My name is Dillon Pomeroy. I have one younger brother, Cameron, who is a huge role model in my life. My mother, Kimberly, is the strongest, most influential person I know and my father, Jay, continuously teaches me to work hard and push my boundaries. We as a family are all spread out: I live in Colorado, Cameron is at school in Iowa and will soon be in Texas, Mother is in Missouri, and Dad is in Minnesota. I spend 99% of my time outdoors since I work in exterior construction and hike, climb, camp, hunt, fish, run or whatever else in my free time!

I wouldn’t say I have ever really felt weak, been struggling, or even went through a difficult life experience. God has always been there for me and I thoroughly trust in Him. The one event I think of is six months ago, when I fell backwards off a third story balcony and broke my back in several places. I was in the hospital for a few days relearning to walk and getting around with a walker or wheelchair. I was constantly doing my best to not collapse from the pain I was in. However I always knew I was going to do whatever it took to get back to the things I loved to do. After leaving the hospital half a week later, I was in a back brace and on bed rest for three months. I couldn’t drive, work out, or honestly do much of anything. While laying in bed healing, I definitely felt empowered to overcome this obstacle and continue to live life to its fullest from then on.

God works in extremely mysterious ways. The way God showed up during this time for me was pointing me in the direction of some drastic changes. At the time of my fall, I was working a corporate sales job in Minnesota. After some self reflection and lots of talks with family, I came to the conclusion that I needed to focus on getting back to health, but also getting back to “happy.”  I planned a move to Colorado, over 900 miles from home, where I could get back to being outside as much as possible. Being closer to the mountains (that the doctors told me I might not ever be able to climb again) was also a big motivator to make the change. So when the physical therapists, chiropractors, and experts cleared me to take my brace off in December and ease back into working out, I set my plans in motion.  I quit my sales job, packed my car up, and drove to Denver, Colorado, on January 6th.  All I had was what was in my car and a job. After couch surfing for a week, God found me a new group of friends and put a roof over my head.

I’ve always been a positive person, which I believe really helped me throughout my fall. I am a firm believer that God works through me to bring happiness to others. During my recovery, I was always positive and always working towards getting better. I never wallowed in pity and hardly asked for help unless I absolutely needed it. Having God there to keep my spirits up was definitely motivating to me. Others always asked me why I never was disappointed or sad or worried about the future, but I didn’t have to worry, since that was God’s job. I just had to focus on getting a little bit better each day and maintaining my positivity throughout.

I have one specific verse and one song lyric that both got me through the toughest, most painful times, and they also both happen to be tattooed on my body.  My favorite is on my right tricep…
Psalm 23:4, “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for thou art with me.”
And on my chest, right over my heart, I have a quote from a song that reads,
“Easy, let go and let God deal with it.”
Both of these were reminders that the trials and tribulations I was going through are simply there, and it’s not my job to fret about them.

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