Our Enneagram Gift Guide


Enneagram Gift Guide

It's kinda funny how often the Enneagram comes up in conversation around the EtchLife office. We loved following the EnneaSummer series on Annie F. Downs' podcast, "That Sounds Fun," and we've found it to be a useful tool in understanding ourselves, each other, our families...why we think how we think and do what we do.

Enneagram Types DiagramIf you're not familiar with the Enneagram, it's an ancient system that defines nine personality types and their tendencies, strengths and weaknesses. It's arranged in such a way that people tend to have a main personality type, as well as a "wing" or secondary type that corresponding to the personality type on either side. So you might be a Type 1 with a 2 Wing, or a Type 1 with a 9 Wing, and those would be distinctly different types. 

For whatever reason, the Enneagram seems to hit the nail on the head when it comes to describing our best gifts, our deepest fears and motivations, and our tendencies when we are healthy and when we are stressed. Of course, we take our greatest cues on who we are from Scripture, but it can be a fun way gain understanding. And a quick search on Instagram will reveal that you can find the perfect "anything" for your Enneagram type. :) So we thought we'd give it a try, and pick some great EtchLife products for each Enneagram type. We're envisioning this as your just-for-fun go-to gift-buying guide. Comment on the post what your Enneagram Type is and what YOU'D love to receive from EtchLife.

All our Type descriptions are from a free download available from Your Enneagram Coach here!

 TYPE 1: The Perfectionist

Core Desire: Having integrity, being good, balanced, accurate, virtuous, and right.
Core Fear: Being wrong, bad, evil, inappropriate, unredeemable, or corruptible.
Core Longing to Hear: You are good.

Gift Ideas:

The Brave Over Perfect Tee // This tee can be a gentle reminder that perfection isn't required for you to be loved. We think this is a timely message for adults and young women alike! And depending out how many layers of this reminder you need, there's a whole Brave Over Perfect Collection.

Work of Heart Tote // We know we'll never achieve perfection, but we can look forward to completion... The Work of Heart Collection is based on Philippians 1:6, which says, "and I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ."


TYPE 2 : The Helper

Core Desire: Being appreciated, loved, and wanted.
Core Fear: Being rejected and unwanted, being thought worthless, needy, inconsequential, dispensable, or unworthy of love.
Core Longing to Hear: You are wanted and loved.

Gift ideas:

Those Who Refresh Others Encouragement Art // Our sweet Type 2s live to refresh others, but it can be hard for them to slow down and allow themselves to be refreshed. This print from the Refresh Collection is based on Proverbs 11:25 will be a daily encouragement!


Renew 8oz Soy Candle // We're not kidding, it is REALLY hard for our Type 2 friends to feel permission to take care of themselves. So, like, literally put this candle in their hands and encourage them to go somewhere quiet, light it and take a few moments to reconnect with what they need and let God refresh them.


TYPE 3: The Performer

Core Desire: Having high status and respect, being admired, successful, and valuable.
Core Fear: Being exposed as or thought incompetent, inefficient, or worthless; failing to be or appear successful.
Core Longing to Hear: You are loved for simply being you.

Gift ideas:

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Long-Sleeve Tee // It's healthy for performers to ground themselves in the truth that they are already fearfully and wonderfully made by their Creator and that they have innate value regardless of what they produce. The Chosen and Dearly Loved Collection would have great gifts too.

Shirt for Enneagram Type 3


He is Able Mug // EtchLife co-owner Kelsey is a 3, and she recommended this He Is Able mug, because she confesses that, as a 3, "sometimes I think God needs my help." Holding a hot cup of coffee or tea with this message sets us in the right frame of mind to start the day. It's also available in an art print.


TYPE 4: The Romantic

Core Desire: Being unique, special, and authentic.
Core Fear: Being inadequate, emotionally cut off, plain, mundane, defective, flawed, or insignificant.
Core Longing to Hear: You are seen and loved for exactly who you are--special and unique.

Gift ideas:

Song of Solomon Hand-Lettered Print // We think our Type 4 friends will love this beautiful, unique print from a design hand-lettered by Etch co-owner Kelsey. The silver foil makes it a little "extra," and we think our romantics will appreciate that too. 

He Restores My Soul Tumbler // Our soulful Type 4 friends will appreciate knowing they can rely on God to refill one of the things that feels most vital to them (no, not coffee, although that's important too).


TYPE 5: The Investigator

Core Desire: Being capable and competent.
Core Fear: Being annihilated, invaded, or not existing; being thought incapable or ignorant; having obligations placed upon you or your energy being completely depleted.
Core Longing to Hear: Your needs aren't a problem.

Gift ideas:

Surrender Tee in Nickel // Because our Type 5 friends feel secure when they know they are competent and capable, it can be a blessing to them to remind them that they can surrender the day's challenges to Christ and that He is the true source of security. The Surrender joggers are another great option.


My Only Hope Is In You Tumbler // The balancing act Type 5s are managing is between their independence and their knowledge that Christ has gone before them and already has the outcome in hand. Having this thought before their eyes every time they take a sip can help keep their focus on Him.


TYPE 6: The Loyalist

Core Desire: Having security, guidance, and support.
Core Fear: Fearing fear itself, being without support, security, or guidance; being blamed, targeted, alone, or physically abandoned.
Core Longing to Hear: You are safe and secure.

Gift ideas:

His Loyal Love Does Not Run Dry Encouragement Art // This art based on The Message paraphrase of Lamentations 3:22 ministers to the loyal nature of the Type 6 while at the same time providing a reassurance from God's Word about the future.

Abide Leather Cuff // Because Type 6s tend to appreciate consistency and security, to "abide" (to continue on, remain, persist) can come rather naturally. Encourage them to abide in God's Word everyday! The whole Abide Collection is lovely.


TYPE 7: The Enthusiast

Core Desire: Being happy, fully satisfied, and content.
Core Fear: Being deprived, trapped in emotional pain, limited, or bored; missing out on something fun.
Core Longing to Hear: You will be taken care of.

Gift ideas:

GO and Love Crossbody Bag // A Type 7 needs to be ready to go at any time, because you never know when something awesome will happen! This crossbody bag will have her ready at a second's notice when someone (probably her) says, "Hey, you wanna..."

A Shared Table Is A Shared Life Art // One reason we love the Type 7s in our lives is that they are such great gatherers of people. This art celebrates that quality, and it was inspired by 1 Thessalonians 2:8, which says "We loved you so much that we shared with you not only God’s Good News but our own lives, too."


TYPE 8: The Challenger

Core Desire: Protecting yourself and those in your inner circle.
Core Fear: Being weak, powerless, harmed, controlled, vulnerable, manipulated, and left at the mercy of injustice.
Core Longing to Hear: You will not be betrayed.

Gift ideas:

The Lord Is With You Mighty Warrior Framed Art // Type 8s can be some of the best protectors and defenders of the people in their circle. This print reminds them that God is with THEM every step of the way.


Not On My Own Tee in Mauve // Since Type 8s often have a super-clear vision of what they want and how to get there, it can be easy for them to try to carry the weight alone. A look in the mirror in this cute tee helps them know the weight of the world isn't on their shoulders.


TYPE 9: The Peacemaker

Core Desire: Having inner stability and peace of mind.
Core Fear: Being in conflict, tension, or discord; feeling shut out and overlooked; losing connection and relationship with others.
Core Longing to Hear: Your presence matters.

Gift ideas:

Peace Tee // Since our Type 9 friends love nothing more than peace (inner peace and peace around them), this comfy tee is guaranteed to speak to their hearts.

GO! Zipper Bag // Sometimes, Type 9s do need a little push, and carrying this handy zipper bag in a purse, work bag or backpack provides encouragement from God's words to Moses in Exodus 4:12. (Click the picture to see one of our favorite features...the super-cute inside lining!)

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  • Jenni

    I’m an 8 who’s been called a “warrior princess,” so that “Lord is with you mighty warrior” framed art is speaking to me!!!

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