Free Download: 4 Methods to Stay Mindful of Your Maker

It's been so special to hear how you are connecting with the Mindful of My Maker Collection we launched last week! God has been so kind to affirm the importance of this message as we've heard others talking, preaching and and writing about this same topic. He's weaving a story here for sure! 

We love not only providing you with beautiful products to help you weave God's Word into your everyday life, but also resources to help and disciple you in your journey (spoiler alert: they're usually the resources we feel like we need the most!)

To go along with the Mindful of My Maker Collection, we're offering a free guide called Staying Mindful of My Maker where we walk with you through four methods for setting (and keeping) your mind on the Lord. You can download it for free here!


Our second Fall collection launches Oct. 10!

We've shared that Mindful of My Maker is the first of three Fall collections we're launching over the next few weeks. Can we give you a sneak peek of what's coming on Oct. 10?

If you've been around the EtchLife community for a while, you've probably heard us say that we want to help you learn God's Word, live it out, and share it with others. Learn it, live it, share it. Our three Fall collections echo this pattern. When we are mindful of our Maker, we are learning His Word, meditating on it, and letting it saturate our lives daily. We begin to draw our identity from our Heavenly Father's compelling and intoxicating love. As we learn that we are known and loved by the creator of the Universe, it changes the way we treat ourselves and the people around us. 

This next collection is inspired by Psalm 139, which helps define who we are in the Lord and the tender fatherly love with which He guides us. Check a few out below!

Psalm 139:14 and Psalm 139:5

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