From a Daughter’s Perspective

Okay… so let’s get real. My mom is the best. When I was younger I remember limping into her room all quiet like in attempts to get a glimpse of her preparing herself for the day. She always applied this one brown lipstick all in one swipe. I imagine she was stressed out (rightfully so) having 4 kids at home. She probably put it on because it made her feel beautiful. And oh my, did she look beautiful.

My mom loves God. She sits in her bed every morning and hangs out with the Lord like it’s her best friend from high school. She is wise. She knows that the best life we can live is one fully abandoned to Christ so that’s just what she did. And as if that’s not enough she lays down how important that should be to us too. My mom isn’t normal. She works very hard and diligently. One of the many things I constantly wish was passed down to me. (instead I have mad procrastination skills… seriously – like none you’ve ever seen.) She loves Julia Roberts movies, so we have made a pact to watch every single one. She makes some good food, y’all. I’m talking REALLY good.

She is all of these things. She is a wife. She is a daughter. She is a co-worker. She is a friend. But to me, and only 3 lucky others, she is a mom. I got that. God created my mother as a masterpiece. He knew she would still let us lay in her arms at the age of 16. He knew she would ask how our day was and actually listen to the answer.

I can only hope to be that kind of mom one day. A lot of people are good moms. But a great mom? That is something that only God can make us. He makes us patient and kind. Not some “How to not blow up on your children 101” best selling book. It’s God’s word that builds a wonderful mother.

This reminds me of the Proverbs 31 women. One thing I love about that passage is it uses words like, “warrior” and “strong” to describe her. God didn’t say that we should be quiet and just sit and look pretty. We are powerful. We should stand up for what we believe in. We should be unique and build each other up in our differences. We should focus on being kind instead of beautiful. God cares about the condition of your heart more than he cares about your outward appearance. All of those things are of the world. God works a little differently. He asks us to be joyful and strong and pursue all things that glorify him. As women we are to seek out God’s perfect plan for our lives. We all have a purpose and we are here to fulfill that.

God wants something amazing for your life.

All you have to do is lean in, listen hard, and see where he instructs you to faithfully follow.

Let’s be stellar women for the glory of our King.

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