Go & Love in Cuba

We recently received an email from Jennifer.  It encourages us to see how God is using something so simple — like a Go & Love t-shirt — to take His Gospel to other parts of the world.  Hear Jennifer’s story….

“Dear friends at Etch Life,
I just want to share this with you for God to encourage you. I purchased one of your “Go & Love” baseball t-shirts after I was able to buy one at a local Hallmark, but I needed two. I got my shirt just in time!

When I saw this shirt in Hallmark, I knew my co-leader/friend & I needed these shirts to wear on our exploratory mission trip to Cuba. We went with a team of pastors and church leaders to Cuba to lead a pastor’s conference in their country. We carried over 400 pounds of baseball gear with us because baseball is the gateway for the Gospel in Cuba. You see, it’s illegal to evangelize in Communist Cuba, but it is not illegal to speak at public sporting events. A ministry we worked with there goes around doing exhibition baseball games in villages, but stops the game at some point and has some of the baseball players share their testimonies and the Gospel to the crowd. In this way, they’ve planted many churches and thousands of people have come to know Christ. Baseball is bigger in Cuba than football is in the states! Many of our major leaguers come from Cuba. But our host (a famous Cuban pitcher turned preacher), turned down a contract to the US major leagues to do what God asked him to do, and that was to preach the Gospel in all the baseball stadiums he had played pro in and beyond. Now, he’s doing that and planting churches in Cuba.

We had the beautiful privilege to come alongside the ministry outreach they do there in Cuba and we plan to go back and take a team ourselves again this year. We run a short-term international mission trip organization, so we look forward to leading more people to partner with our brothers and sisters in Christ in Cuba.

I share all this with you to encourage you that the ministry God has called you to is reaching into the world! Go & Love! That’s what we do and why we do it! Thank you for being part of our journey from one ministry to another and sharing Christ in creative ways with the world!

God is doing big things through people both in this country and around the world.  Whether it’s loving on our neighbors or playing baseball with kids in Cuba, God is a part of it.  Hearing these stories can both encourage us to continue ministering to those around us, but also to pray for Jennifer and the ministry work she is doing as well.

We would love to hear your stories as well!  Share them with us at info@myetchedlife.com!!

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