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Haiti had my heart the moment I landed in Port de Prince. It was 2011, just a short year after the earthquake and much of the country was still in shambles. I was on my first Mission Trip, traveling with a medical team and delivering clothes and supplies to orphanages.  This was where I met Pastor Bruno. Pastor Bruno was from Cap Haitian, an 8 hour bus ride away, he was our interpreter.  Bruno and I became fast friends–he shared his story of his mother and her daily journey carrying cement several miles in order to pay for Bruno to get an education. Education was the only way out of poverty and if Bruno’s mother did not make this sacrifice Bruno would not be where he is today.  I continued to hear similar stories of the horrible jobs mother’s had in order to provide for their children.

These stories began to stir something in me. It would be 4 more years before I would understand what God had planned.  In September 2015 I returned–this time to Pastor Bruno’s Church.  We had come to Faith Church to help Bruno with his vision of creating a Leadership Conference for Pastors, Doctors and Teachers.
As I sat listening to the presentations,  I realized that the women of the community needed to have a similar opportunity.  A place where they could be empowered, where they could learn a skill and maybe even basic entrepreneurial classes which in turn would help their families.
After the Leadership Conference ended I mentioned this to Pastor Bruno. He thought it was a great idea. We would plant the seed at the end of Church  and see if their were any women interested.  Four women signed up for our 4pm session. I may have been slightly disappointed by that number, but secretly I was very nervous, so 4 sounded perfect.
As I walked into the church I was overwhelmed by the number of women that filled the room.  There sat 78 women with a deep desire to provide for more for their families!  We talked about a few ideas, shared our strengths and weaknesses and then we laid it at God’s feet and asked for direction.
It has now been a year,  and I will be traveling back to Haiti in February with one thing in mind: to move forward with this Initiative and continue to empower the women of Faith Church!
Over the next couple of months we will turn our focus towards the final details of the Session and begin purchasing supplies for the initial training!  Your prayers and support are much appreciated!

To celebrate #givingtuesday ETCH is donating 10% off all sales, November 29, to the Haiti Women’s Initiative in efforts to empower, equip and encourage the Haitian women that Kimberly will partner with in February.  Additionally, check out our featured products of the day, Black Stretchy Bracelets with an encouraging message!  100% of the sales of these 3 bracelets will go to support the Haiti Women’s Initiative.




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