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At ETCH, we believe that this journey we are on isn’t meant to be walked alone.  We are in it together.  We are called to community and that’s exactly what we want to do — build each other up, labor together, and share our stories.  We don’t pretend to have it all together or know all the answer so, throughout each week, we are scouring the blog-o-sphere for nuggets of truth and encouragement to share with you.  Then, at the end of every week, we will highlight some blogs that we found especially helpful in our walk with Jesus and pray that you will too.

This week we are featuring Anna Rendell and Holley Gerth, but you can check out some of our other favorites here.  Enjoy!



Before another season passes me by (my favorite season, and the last before we welcome another baby to our family!), I’m grasping these 3 small ways to claim calm in my chaos:

1. Make time for small moments.

It’s after 11:00pm as I write this, and my daughter has woken up a dozen times. I huff upstairs and down as she wakes, rocking and singing in between. I breathe in her hair and softly hum old hymns into her tiny ear, her room dark as her big brother slumbers unaffected. This is a small moment that my heart breathes in, takes notice of, gathers and holds dear. Where are your small moments found? How can you harness them into calm spaces during your day?

2. Find what helps you breathe.

Is it a sparkling kitchen? A fresh to-do list? A good cup of coffee sipped just before the pitterpatter of tiny feet enter the kitchen and the day begins? If we claim the feelings that accompany their presence, these little things can add up to big calm. What small thing gives you pause, helps you breathe deep?

3. Fight for it.

As we move into fall, our family’s making hard choices. We’re turning down projects and taking huge things off our list. We’re being mindful of the small things that add up to a larger picture of our crammed life. A few of these pieces include enormous sacrifice, but will lead to a more peaceful season. This is how we’re fighting for calm these days. How can you intentionally fight for calm in your busy and full life? What does that look like for you and your family?

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…But what I really longed for in those situations was acceptance. My heart yearned to know I had a place, to be assured I was loved, for someone to say, “I choose you.” It took me a long time to learn that someone had already done all of those things.

Christ accepted you. {Rom. 15:7}

Jesus called my name as a little girl and tossed the ball of faith in my direction. And in a quiet bedroom at my grandparents’ house I told Him I wanted to be on His team.

Jesus gave me strengths, gifts and ways to serve others. He created a plan and purpose for my life. He had a seat at His table no one else could fill.

Jesus revealed that His mission for me doesn’t require someone else opening a door. Instead it’s about keeping the door of my own heart open to how He wants to use me each day.

I used to believe acceptance was something someone else had to give me. I’m starting to see it’s about embracing what’s already mine. I am already accepted. You are already accepted. Our stories may be totally different but that heart-freeing truth is the same for all of us today.

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