Making Room for the King

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With all the parties and gift buying and family get-togethers, it's easy to get lost in our schedules and to do lists and lose track of the most important thing about this time of year.

For a season every year, we have the opportunity to focus on the importance of Christ's birth –– that He would humble Himself and leave heaven to come to earth as a baby.  He came to this earth to be an example for us of what it looks like to bring glory to our Father, but He also came knowing that His journey to the cross and the events of Easter would come. He loves us so much that He would do all of that...willingly.

So, every year at this time, I ask can I make room for my King?  Here are a few simple ideas to help...

1. My cousin recently shared on Facebook that she was going to read the book of Luke in the month of December. Twenty-four chapters in Luke, reading a chapter a day, brings us (conveniently) through Christmas Eve. Starting on December 1st, read a chapter during your quiet time, at dinner with your kids, or encourage your small group girls to do it with you! What a wonderful way to make room for the King by reading through the account of His life here on earth in the book of Luke.

2. We are big fans of podcasts around here and have shared some of our favorites from time to time. Well, just this week the Risen Motherhood Podcast was about Finding Rest in Advent. (Advent is a time observed in the weeks leading up to Christmas for us to prepare our hearts and wait expectantly for the coming of Christ.) A number of ladies on the podcast shared their stories of what it looks like to make room in their hearts, minds and schedules and lives to be able to experience that sense of waiting and expectancy. Give it a listen!

3. The last way I'm making room for my King this season is to put intentional reminders that I will see throughout my day to point me to Christ. I can easily (too easily, in fact) get distracted and forget. Our heart here at Etch is to put truth from God's Word on items we can use throughout our day so that we won't forget. Our Christmas collection is no different. Here are some of my favorites to remember to make room for my King...

There are so many other ways to keep Christ at the center of the Christmas season. We would love to grow in this area and learn from each other!  

Won't you share with us?  

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