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I must confess…I have a misguided hope.

For the past year, our family has done respite care for foster families.  It’s an unbelievable way for our family to serve.  We enjoy getting to love on the kids for a short time and in turn, love on the foster parents by giving them a break.

This past weekend we had twin 18-month-old boys.  They are so cute and such sweet boys. But, it took a lot of energy from all of us.  My husband works Saturday nights, so it was just me and 5 kids that night.  While my kids are SUPER great help, things got a little hairy at times.  Through it all, I found myself depending on the Lord to get me through and enjoying the time.  After a rough night of sleep for one of the boys, my husband and I both woke up exhausted Sunday morning, which led me to frustration.

My perception was that because my husband was tired, he was unwilling to help (which was far from the truth!).  I got frustrated with him and kept insisting that he go back to bed and I would take the burden on myself.  After a moment to reflect (aka folding laundry), I realized what I was really looking for was accolades from my husband.  I wanted him to tell me that I did a good job the night before…that he was proud of me…that I was enough…

You see, while looking back over the past few years, I’ve put him in this position a lot.  One that he’s not qualified for.  Matt has the gift of encouragement, but not the role of God in my life.  It’s not his “job” to tell me I’m enough.  Yes, he is my helper and encourager, but not my god.

This week the sermon at our church was titled “The One Thing.”  We all get distracted.  Pretty things entice us to shift our focus and put our hope in them rather than in God.  That’s exactly what I had done.  I had shifted my hope and trust from God to my husband.  I looked to Matt to be God — to meet my needs, to give me answers, to tell me I’m enough.  I have the best husband — he tells me all of these things and loves me so well.  But, that has to supplement what I hear from the Lord.  I can’t rely on Matt to fulfill me — only God can.

He longs to be that in your life and in mine.  He beckons us to come to Him…sometimes we do, and other times we tune Him out.

What has distracted you from God?  Where is your affection, your trust, and your hope?  I would love it if you share in the comments below.  Then we can pray for each other

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