navigating screen time for your kids

Technology is a tricky thing these days.  To navigate it as a parent can be challenging, at best.

How much screen time should they get?  What apps should they use?  Educational?  Biblical? Silly?  What’s appropriate?

While every family has different convictions and standards for this area, we have found a few articles to help you with your decision-making.  As well as a few apps to download!!


MOPS logo

MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) wrote this article giving helpful tips on age-appropriate guidelines for technology.





Parenting LogoWhile the Parenting website is not Biblically based, we found this article that gives great tips for family screen time.




Jesus and friends


Bible App for Kids – This app is great for allowing your children to interact with and learn the stories of the Bible.  My kids love watching the stories come alive.




Awana | Children’s Ministry Curriculum | Youth Ministry

Awana App – Whether your kids are apart of an Awana program or not, this app helps them learn Scripture set to music.  It has even helped me learn verses along with them!!




Not Consumed is a Christian mom blogger who writes about parenting, homeschooling and faith.  In a post, she shares 6 of her favorite Bible apps for kids.

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