our kids are watching

As I sit at my computer typing out this blog post, my kids are upstairs playing.  Each has set up a “business” and they take turns going to each other’s shops.

They are always thinking about a business they can start.  Why would a 9, 7, & 5-year old be so eager to start a business?!  They’ve watched their mom do it.

My kids are watching every move I make.  They watch how I spend my time, the priorities I make, promises I keep, and how I react to any and ALL situations.  They hear my tone, see the way I treat my husband, and observe what my relationship with God looks like.

I can sit and intentionally teach my kids Bible stories and lessons all day long, but if I’m not living it out, it falls on deaf ears.

My biggest struggle is being impatient.  I can react out of selfishness and anger more often than I care to admit. So then, why am I surprised when my kids do the same thing?!

Right now my husband and I are the ones setting the example for them.  They look to us to see how life is lived.  It’s up to us to show them what a life devoted to Jesus looks like.

But, before we all go trying to be perfect — because that’s NEVER going to happen — I’m going to share something a dear friend once told me…

When she was little, both parents would get impatient or lose their cool from time-to-time.  One parent would act like nothing was wrong.  The other would always apologize.  How they handled the situation afterward left the biggest impression on her.

I’ll never forget when she said,

Carrie, you are going to lose it. But, the most important thing you can do for your kids is model forgiveness and dependance on our Savior.  Ask them for forgiveness when you screw up.  This is the best example you can show them — that no one is perfect (not even Mom & Dad) and everyone needs Jesus for that very reason.

I think about that every time I mess up — whether it’s with my kids, my husband, or anyone else.  I need Jesus.  Everyone does.

Jesus’ love for us doesn’t depend on our level of perfection. He simply wants us perfectly surrendered to Him. I often pray, “Oh Jesus, I am such a mess, but I am Yours. Show me … help me … forgive me … reassure me … and pour Your tender mercy upon me.”

And He does.

And He always will.

My imperfections are safely resting in the reality of His perfection.

And I simply press on by continuing to say yes moment by imperfect moment … day by imperfect day.

— Lysa Terkerst

Your kids are watching.  The way you live and the words you speak are the legacy you are leaving with them.  Not by perfection, but by relying on Jesus through your imperfection.

Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.

Proverbs 16:24

Let’s pray for each other — that our words will be sweet and that we can show Jesus to those around us.

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