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I’m not sure why we doubt, really…

We try to make things happen — force it, even — and try to climb up the mountain because we’re just sure that’s the direction we should go.

This summer we started looking for a space.  We saw the need to have an office space where we can huddle together and collaborate on projects.  We dreamed about having a little showroom where people can come and see our products.  And, we desperately needed a warehouse space for receiving the pallets of products that are coming in for our orders to national retail stores.

After searching the Liberty area. we found several spaces that could work, but didn’t quite meet all of our needs or required a compromise of sorts for what we were looking for.  But, we kept trying.  We knew the need was there and we thought these were our only options.  So, after trying to make a space work — that didn’t meet all our needs and just didn’t set right in our gut — we put a halt on it.  Even though we really wanted a space, maybe God was telling us “not yet.”

Until…Terri just happened to see a picture of a space posted on Facebook.  She knew as soon as she saw it, that we would all love it.  After praying and feeling the Lord lead, she showed us the picture.  And, just as she presumed, we were begging her to make the call.  From the picture, the space looked like everything we dreamed of having.  But, surely there was a catch…

It is the Lord who goes before you.  He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you.  Do not fear or be dismayed.” Deuteronomy 31:8

God went before us.  You see, the realtor on the other end of that call already knew about ETCH.  This summer, while my (Carrie) house was on the market, he showed it to a client of his.  When he opened our unfinished storage room and saw shelves and shelves of ETCH products, he thought, “this is more than a hobby…I’ve seen this stuff before…”  Not only did he see it in my storage room, but in homes that he has shown to clients and his wife buys from ETCH too!

When we met with Charles Small (with Small Properties) the next day, the space exceeded our expectations.  It’s not only in our budget, but it is gorgeous with a beautiful window and hardwood floors.  The owner of the space was more than accommodating for our move-in date and the length of the lease.  It’s perfect.

As we left the space, we all looked at each other in disbelief.  Why?!  I’m not really sure.  Why do we doubt that God will provide?  Why do we doubt that God will give us all that we hope and imagine?  Sometimes it’s not in our timing.  Sometimes we have to wait.  But, He always comes through.  Because He’s a good, good Father…

After working in our space for a month now, I cannot begin to tell you what a blessing it has been.  To work together in the same space has been both encouraging and beneficial on so many levels.  To have you all come into our space and see our showroom has been a blessing as well.  We love meeting you and hearing your story.  Because, after all, it is you who inspire us to do what we do.  As we are creating and designing, our eyes are on the Lord for what verses to use, but we are also thinking of what products and verses will encourage you in your relationship with Jesus.  We pray that everything we do would drive you closer to the Lord and help you ETCH His Word on your heart.  The heart of ETCH is that God’s Word and His voice would be in every part of our lives.

This weekend is exciting for us…our shop will now be open on Fridays and Saturdays from 10a-6p! So, if you find yourself on the square, we hope you will stop in and see us!  We would love to show you the space that God gave us!!

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