psalm 139:1-2

I am a perfectionist.  There…I said it.

I want to live a perfect life, with perfect people, walking with a perfect God.

I try to dress myself up on the outside, to cover the flaws on the inside.  I tidy up the house to make it appear we have it all together.

Don’t we all do this on some level?  Please tell me I’m not alone…

One of my favorite verses is Psalm 139:1-2

Jesus knows ALL of my imperfections.  He knows when I’m genuine and when I’m faking it.  He knows when I’m being real and when I’m trying to hide.

Friend, He knows you just as intimately as He knows me.  He knows your heart.  And guess what…He loves you anyway.  He loves you despite your imperfections.  And, actually, He loves you because of your imperfections.

You see, if we were perfect and had it all together, then we wouldn’t need a Savior.  We wouldn’t need Jesus every day to come rescue us from ourselves.

I’m so thankful that Jesus came to this earth for me.  I’m so thankful that I can run to Him when I’m fearful and my life isn’t perfect.  Because in Him, I am made whole.

Memorize this verse with me this week.  ETCH it on the chambers of your heart.

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