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I am writing this from the front seat of my Suburban, sitting in one of the many high school parking lots I have called “home for the day” as I travel around Kansas City to watch my son play basketball.  Having a son that lives, eats, and breathes basketball keeps both of our schedules hopping.  Whether it be practices, workouts, games and tournaments, or doctor visits, car repairs, errands, and the emergency trip to the store to get things forgotten or needed — the busyness of life seems to just keep going at a faster and faster pace.  I am human and I will admit that usually the first thing that I tend to “leave off” my schedule because of this pace of life is my quiet time with the Lord.  It’s not the right thing to do and my head knows full well that my day will likely not be as God-honoring without that time in the morning, but it is the truth of what happens many mornings.  Since I am a “box-checker” by nature, not accomplishing this results in my heart feeling guilty and being disappointed in my lack of discipline.   On one hand, I am not setting my quiet time aside to watch TV or spend time checking my Facebook feed.  I am replacing it with good activities (one could even say great activities) that are for my son and that he enjoys.  Anyone who has kids that play competitive sports know the demands that goes along with that commitment and the expectations that are there.  Yes, I understand that allowing your children to play competitive sports is a “choice,” but if they truly love playing and have a God-given talent in that area it is an arena you have a love/hate relationship with but must play in.  Watching my son play, I can say that he loves it.  It is written all over his face.  I would be lying if I said I wanted to give up this pace of life and the many joys that it also brings.

Since my pace of life is not soon going to slow, I decided that it was time that I choose to live my life more “on purpose” and instead of just going from event to event in my day, to really use my time more effectively  and purposefully for greater impact.  I have been able to accomplish this by making Scripture a part of my everyday, normal activities.  To talk about Jesus in the normal everyday things that happen and weave Him throughout all that we do.  I have a friend that introduced me to the line of products that ETCH carries.  Products that make weaving Scripture into every area of my hectic life easier and make it doable to “Live on Purpose.”  God’s Word is powerful and there have been days where reading the Scripture on the side of my coffee cup in the morning has proven to be just the Scripture God brought back to mind later in the day.  It was just what I needed in the situation I was facing.  What a blessing this company has been to me and to my family.  Thanks for helping me “Live on Purpose” well.

Sandi is the proud mom of three boys – a  married 24-year-old, a 21-year-old Mizzou student and a 15-year-old about to drive.  She’s a die-hard HUSKER fan, loves football and watches basketball (year round) and married to a great guy, too.

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