Starting the year mindful of our Maker

Did you make New Year's resolutions? Some people go through detailed processes of reflection on the previous year and planning for the new year. Some people make the same resolutions each year that they didn't achieve the year before. Some people love those kinds of goals and hit the mark every time. Some people run out of steam around February. 

I have the bad habit of wanting to reset all the things that have been lacking in my life in one fell swoop as the new year dawns. All or nothing! You can imagine how this usually turns out. I'm so overwhelmed by trying to change everything at once that nothing actually does change! Can anyone relate?

I'm trying to be more realistic this year. One area I did some planning in was around how to reset some intentional times of Bible study and prayer. I realize that fewer, longer sessions of study work better for me than more short sessions, so I've set a goal to get up a little earlier and have three days a week where I'm doing a longer session of Bible study and three days a week where I'm exercising in that time slot. One day off or to catch up. (Oh wow, did I just put that out there? OK, keep me accountable!)

So, because I've made this plan, I know I'll have to guard against just "checking the box" of Bible study because it was my goal, when really, what I want is for those times to help me get to know God better and propel me into being mindful of my Maker all day long. THAT'S my real goal. 

Last year, as the Etch girls conceived the Mindful of My Maker Collection, they'd been hearing so much about this idea of mindfulness, being present, being aware. God really impressed on the team that the mind is a battleground. So they started to wonder if it matters what we are mindful we stay mindful only of our own experiences, or do we turn that God-ward?

We've got a helpful resource for you in that is our Staying Mindful of My Maker Guide that you can download for free. It will help you walk through how to :

  • Know Your Maker
  • Create Your Consistent Rhythm of Time With God
  • Develop Touchpoints During the Day
  • Invest in Times of Deeper Reflection


To help remind you daily to stay mindful of your Maker, we created this beautiful line of products with inspiration from Isaiah 26:3, Colossians 3:2 and Romans 8:6. Our prayer is that they can be like armor in the battle to keep your mind fixed on God. Check them out below!

Our Mindful of My Maker Collection Tee Shirt is a lovely neutral clay color that will go with everything and encourage you and the people around you to keep your eyes on your Maker. It's a unisex fit, true to size with a little extra length, and super soft! 

We already love this Mindful of My Maker Collection French Terry Hoodie Sweatshirt. The tone-on-tone printing on the back declares where you intend to set your mind each day.

Our 16 oz Mindful of My Maker Mug featuring Isaiah 26:3 is a wonderful, peaceful way to start your morning off with a clear mind focused on the Lord and your favorite warm beverage. This beautiful scripture mug makes such a thoughtful gift! 


This Stay Mindful of Your Maker 5x7 art is inspired by Romans 8:6, and it's perfect for your cubicle wall, bathroom mirror, locker door, or anywhere you might need a quick refocusing during the day! It even comes with an envelope and an enclosure that turns it into a really cute and meaningful greeting card.

Some days, peace is in short supply, isn't it? This Perfect Peace 5x7 art guides our eyes and our minds back to the only source of perfect peace. Any of our art can be displayed in our wood display blocks or art clips!

Distractions call to us all day long, and it's so easy to set our minds on those earthly things. Let the Things Above 5x7 art draw us back to being Mindful of our Maker. 

Learn more about how this collection came to life in this video.

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Does it Matter What We're Mindful Of? // September 29, 2019

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