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I’m done parenting for today — tag, you’re it.

That’s the text I sent to my husband while he was at work and I was home alone with our 3 kids.  You see, they just came home from a few nights at church camp (and our son was at Nana & Papa’s house).  They are exhausted — to say the least — and are whining, crying, and fighting about everything.  Normally, I would say “tag, you’re it…I need a break.”  But, while the kids were away, I had a 48-hour date with my husband.  A break isn’t what I needed.

What I needed was a reminder.  After I sent the text (in pure and utter frustration), God reminded me of all I have to be thankful for.  While this isn’t always my response, this time it was.  I missed my kids while they were gone.  I loved the one-on-one time with Matt, but I was thankful to have all 5 of us under one roof again.

Life isn’t about the blissful dates and shaving cream fights at church camp.  It’s about the day in and day out grind.  The patience while my kids are fighting, the endurance when I feel like giving up, the servant’s heart I long to have when all I want to do is fulfill my selfish desires.

Our LIVE ON PURPOSE collection is based on Hebrews 12:1 which says ::

Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight and the sin that clings so closely, and let us run with perseverance the race that is set before us.

Living on purpose doesn’t mean living life perfectly — we all mess up, which is why we need Jesus.  Rather, living on purpose means to be intentional.  Praying that God will lead our family to serve and love our friends and neighbors.  Praying that God will give us wisdom to use our money wisely to spread the Gospel around the world.  Asking God to give us courage to invite a friend over for coffee and share the love of Jesus with her.  And, whatever else God may be laying on our hearts!

During the month of July, several of our readers will be sharing how God is asking them to Live on Purpose.  I asked them some questions to answer and would like to ask you to do the same.  With Hebrews 12:1 in mind…

  1. What is one area of your life / one thing in your life that can distract you from running the race that God has set before you?
  2. What is preventing you from laying that aside?
  3. What is one thing you can do to start running the race?

We would love for you to process through these questions and journal about it.  Sit at the feet of Jesus.  Listen.  Be honest.  Let’s run this race together.

By sharing the journey that others are on, our prayer is that it would encourage you in your race.  Follow along and be watching our blog and social media for these posts.  Also, if you would like to share with us what God is teaching you, we would love to hear and be praying for you!  Post them in the comments below or send email to carrie@myetchedlife.com

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