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Six Steps to Reconnect with God

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Six Steps to Reconnect with God. L  1. Learn It I   2. Integrate It S  3. Share It T  4. Talk with God E  5. Experience It N  6. Note It. I have a habit of letting my life run on auto-pilot. Sure, I’m making decisions, fulfilling my responsibilities, practicing my faith, engaging with my family, choosing where to spend my time, energy and treasure. I know my to-do lists are getting done, the small crises are getting resolved, our schedules are met. But the truth is, I know that I am letting my life run me. And by lower...

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Inspirational Resources

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Strong Voices, Inspiring Websites, and Meaningful Resources With so many blogs, books, videos, and websites available, it can be a bit overwhelming and daunting to find Christian voices that inspire you, challenge you, motivate you, or even ones you want to read. We are here to help.  These blogs, websites, and resources are ones that…

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