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Survival Guide for a Day Off School

Posted by Carrie Flener on

That's right.  We got the call 5 minutes after the alarm woke us up.  My phone rang announcing school had been cancelled.  It came as a surprise -- had I not watched the news the night before or checked the weather app in the last 24 hours?! I struggle handling my expectations.  What I had planned for today didn't line up with how things were playing out.  However, our weekend was super busy, so the thought of being "stuck" sounded a bit refreshing too. Unfortunately, my middle-schooler and I could not get back to sleep after "the call" and the...

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my not-so-courageous life

Posted by myetchedlife on

As I was sitting in church on Easter Sunday listening to the sermon, all I wanted to do was get up, run around, and scream. It was a really good message (you should listen to it), which is what led me to feeling this way… I have realized the mediocre life that I live.  I…

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