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Six Steps to Reconnect with God

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Six Steps to Reconnect with God. L  1. Learn It I   2. Integrate It S  3. Share It T  4. Talk with God E  5. Experience It N  6. Note It. I have a habit of letting my life run on auto-pilot. Sure, I’m making decisions, fulfilling my responsibilities, practicing my faith, engaging with my family, choosing where to spend my time, energy and treasure. I know my to-do lists are getting done, the small crises are getting resolved, our schedules are met. But the truth is, I know that I am letting my life run me. And by lower...

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Alphabet Scripture Art Cards

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Maybe I’m the only one.  But, maybe not. I struggle to memorize Scripture.  If I have a plan and accountability, my chances of succeeding are far better.  But, often times, I start out strong and quickly fizzle out.  I’ve tried everything — note cards, flash cards, songs, apps…you name it, I’ve probably tried it.  So,…

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