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Inviting People In

Posted by Nicole Swanson on

Our homes can be extensions of ourselves, and we can fear judgment and harbor shame if we don’t feel like they are “good enough” by whatever metric we decide is important. Being fully seen and known, without being sure if people will accept us, is one of the more terrifying opportunities life offers. But if we don’t, we miss out on so much.

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Survival Guide for a Day Off School

Posted by Carrie Flener on

That's right.  We got the call 5 minutes after the alarm woke us up.  My phone rang announcing school had been cancelled.  It came as a surprise -- had I not watched the news the night before or checked the weather app in the last 24 hours?! I struggle handling my expectations.  What I had planned for today didn't line up with how things were playing out.  However, our weekend was super busy, so the thought of being "stuck" sounded a bit refreshing too. Unfortunately, my middle-schooler and I could not get back to sleep after "the call" and the...

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