Teaching the Next Gen of Etch Employees

All three of us Etch girls wear many hats - that's just part of being small business owners.  One of my (Carrie) many responsibilities is shipping online orders.  This fall we laughed a lot because just when I would (finally) get caught up on shipping, more online orders would come in.

Shipping is actually one of my favorite things.  I love seeing what products resonate with you and speak to your heart.  I love writing notes thanking you and praying over the items you've purchased.  And, I love being able to see a project through from beginning to end and check it off my list.  Who's with me?!?

As Christmas came closer the online orders came to a halt, which gave me a chance to catch my breath.  Little did I know, however, how much y'all would love our Winter Warehouse + Christmas Sale.  Holy moly!!  We marked down our Christmas and a bunch of our every day items to 50% off and I'm back to shipping! 🙃

The hubs has been fighting a cold, so I bribed the kids and took them with me to the shop to help with shipping.  Nothing like training the next generation of Etch employees!  😉 Grace wrote thank you notes and printed labels and Alyssa packaged the order and taped it up.

Chase, my 8-year-old, helped me with another important project.  Right after Christmas we expanded our brick and mortar shop.  We moved our offices out and took over the entire space with retail.  Now, we have a separate office and an inventory and shipping space (which gives my type A self all the feels!).  With the holidays and the busyness of the season, we haven't had time to get settled into our space yet.  Chase is a lover of cardboard.  He builds things out of it and finds pure joy in all things cardboard.  So, he jumped at the chance to unbox our products and organize them on the shelves.

Why am I sharing all of this with you?  Well, sometimes it's just plain fun to see behind the scenes.  Amiright?!  But also, God taught me something that night.  I often try to do things on my own because it seems easier (and sometimes it is).  But, while it took effort and energy to teach my kids the process and how to's of shipping, it was so rewarding to watch them use their gifts and their cups were genuinely filled.  And, they've been begging to go ship some more ever since...

If you haven't had the chance to check out our Winter Warehouse + Christmas Sale, you can here.  My kids would thoroughly enjoy shipping the items to you 😉

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  • Julie Still

    Your kids are adorable and it’s awesome that they want to help – you have obviously raised them right!

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