Update from Mama Bear

The outpouring from all of you has been overwhelming in the BEST WAY!  Thank you so much for your prayers!!!  I have the best news to share with all of you.  Here is an update Terri sent us this afternoon…

Doug has gotten out of bed and taken a few steps.  He quizzed Lizzy (their daughter) on if she’s getting her college things taken care of (she’s attending grad school in the fall), which made her heart happy!  He informed the nurse that he is in “Pesticide Regulations” (which is his career).  And, he fully analyzed what he needs to do to get out of here and is on a mission.    He’s really back!!!

Miracle #8,034 :: His “normal” irregular rhythm (a/fib) that he had before all of this IS GONE!  The cardiologist says there is NO sign of ANY irregular heart rhythm since the resuscitation.  And he is in NO PAIN!!!

I’m having a really hard time comprehending all of this, but so very thankful.  At this point, I’m pretty sure God’s just showing off — sitting back, smiling, and teaching me a pretty good lesson on NEVER doubting His power again.

Thank you, friends, for praying with us and for us.  God is at work and we are so thankful.  He is answering our prayers with healing and miracles!!!

To HIM be the glory forever and ever, AMEN!

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