we are all a work of heart

I’ve been thinking for weeks on how to end the Work of Heart blog series.  I was trying to think of the perfect person with the perfect story to end our series with gusto.

However, after much thinking, I couldn’t come up with a solution.  Every person that we’ve featured has an incredible story.  It’s been so fantastic to hear from each one and see how God is working in their lives.  How do I bring this to a close?

Then I realized — every day is a Work of Heart kinda day.  Work of Heart isn’t a series or a time frame — it’s life.  Every day God is working on our hearts.  Every day we mess up, receive God’s forgiveness and grace and start over again.

A few days ago, something happened in my life that I wanted to share.  I actually don’t want to — I argued with God about it.  It’s embarrassing and I felt shame over it.  But, I’m praying, maybe one of you can relate…

This week at my son’s preschool, it’s “M” Week.  During each week, they do activities, write words, and color pictures that all start with the letter of the week.  On Tuesday, my husband picked Chase up from school.  When I got home from work, the kids were outside playing and Matt was in the kitchen with a paper on the counter.  I didn’t think much about it until my husband pointed it out.  I first noticed the word “Mom” on the paper and felt my heart soar.  Oh, how sweet, Chase wrote the word “mom” for “M” week.  My heart soon fell to the floor when Matt explained that the picture next to the word “mom” was me screaming.  Ugh.

I proceeded to cry, feel shame, and wanted to crawl in a hole.  Chase told Matt after school, “This is a picture of Mom screaming.”  All I could think was — “Oh my word, this is how he views me!”  And…”child therapists have kids draw pictures so that they can tell what’s going on in their lives.  His teachers probably think I’m a hot mess!”

The next day, I talked to his teacher.  I confessed that — yes, I am a hot mess.  That Chase got in trouble the previous morning (even though I didn’t raise my voice) and I do tend to lose it with the kids at bed time.  Her words were just what I needed to hear: “Carrie, all moms lose it.  I even told Chase that all moms scream sometimes.”  Oh, thank you, Miss Michelle.

I didn’t need her approval or to tell me everything was OK.  But, I needed to hear — we all screw up, we are all a work in progress…we are all a WORK OF HEART.

So, while today is the formal ending of the Work of Heart series on our blog, there will be many more posts about how God is working in our hearts.  Because…that’s life.

We would love to hear your story and how God is working in your heart.  If you are interested in sharing your story, please email me at carrie@myetchedlife.com

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