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I know, I know…this is not what you were expecting.  And, no, it’s not as superficial as it may sound.

You see, my husband and I grew up (and still are) Cardinals fans.  We bleed red.

And then, 2 1/2 years ago we moved to Kansas City.  My husband immediately jumped on the bandwagon because, as he says, we cheer for the city we live in.  I was different.  I fought it hard.  I didn’t want to like the Royals (remember the 1985 World Series?!?).

Our son, who has become a HUGE baseball fan, is also falling hard for the Royals.  He and Daddy have shared some special moments at the K the past few years.  He knows all their names and uniform numbers.  While I try to keep exposing him to Cardinals baseball, the Royals are his hometown team.

And then, there are my girls.  A few months ago, they didn’t know much about baseball at all. But, after staying up late many nights to watch the Cardinals and the Royals in the postseason, they are fans.

So, why am I thankful for the Royals?!?

Because of the memories.

When I think back over the past few months, the memories that stick out in my mind…

— staying up late with my kids cheering at the top of our lungs

— eating ice cream and painting nails while watching Game 6 of the ALDS with my girls

— Trick-or-Treating coming to an abrupt stop at 7:07pm because the Royals game was on

— school being cancelled and spending a whole day with my family watching the parade

— And most of all…my kids getting to see professional baseball players proclaim the Name of Jesus during postgame interviews!  That left quite the impression!!

Maybe it’s not really about the Royals, but more about our family making memories together. Whatever it is, I’m thankful.  I wouldn’t trade it.

However, now that it’s over, I am also thankful to get more sleep!!

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