what I’m thankful for :: weekends

There is nothing like a good weekend…

Whether it’s filled with birthday parties, soccer games, and dinner parties…or…a completely empty calendar.  I love the change of pace.

It’s nice to do something different, get some much-needed family time, and cap the weekend off with worshipping among our church family.

For me, a weekend is a breath of fresh air.  It’s a time to stop, reflect, and re-evaluate what I want this next week to look like.  I usually take a few minutes to look at this week’s calendar. In that moment, I have the chance to give my week to God, to evaluate where I’m going to spend my time, and breathe.

Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy

Exodus 20:8

Because of this change of pace, you may notice that ETCH’s presence on social media changes too.  During the week we are interacting and encouraging you through God’s word, but the weekends give us an opportunity to spend time with our families.  You may see a post here or there, but don’t be surprised if it’s quiet.  Our focus for weekends is to do what will refresh us and bring life back to our bones — to start the new week off feeling refreshed, energized, and excited to work hard for the Lord.

We encourage you to do the same…slow down, breathe, put down your phone and engage with your family.  Enjoy the weekends because it’s a little gift that God has given us.

Here are 3 ways to make the most out of your weekends:

  1. Slow down — When you are scheduling events and get-togethers for a Saturday or Sunday, stop and make it your best yes (as Lysa Terkeurst would say!).  Make sure everything that is etched on your calendar, will encourage your heart and refresh your soul.  If it won’t, say no.  It’s OK to say no sometimes.
  2. Put your phone down — Our phones can suck our time right out from under us.  We get lost in the social media feeds of our friends and miss the life that is going on around us.  Many times, these feeds can steal our joy and cause us to lust after the things and lives that others have (or seem to have).
  3. Schedule some time with Jesus — This can be anything from a day alone to ponder and reflect to 10 minutes alone in your bedroom with your Bible.  Whatever it is, make time for it.  Find one thing every weekend that feeds you and brings you back to the foot of the cross.  Our Monday through Friday schedule is wacky, so it’s VITAL that I find time every weekend to reconnect with the lover of my soul.

Share with us what you do to make the most of your weekends!  And, what refreshes you?  How will you find some time to refresh your soul and reconnect with Jesus?

Chasing Him,


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