what it looks like for Jessica to GO!

Being a parent, teacher & Jesus follower can be a difficult balancing act between setting and maintaining healthy boundaries while creating a fun, adventure-filled life of freedom and learning.  Being involved with a host of groups, teams, serving opportunities, sports, reading programs, events, lessons, school projects, play dates, digital communities and the like, there are many opportunities to be as busy as we possibly can.  It’s actually the path of least resistance, I’ve found.  But a way that I’ve found to “GO” actually looks a little more like stay.

When I drill down on my mission it is about two roles: being a mother and wife in ministry.  When I start to get a little fuzzy on the details, I come back to those roles and try to live it out in an intentional way.   Here are some guidelines that work for our family:  First, we limit activity and involvement.  Not every evening is a “production” of getting from place to place.  Second, we limit screen time.  We’re all about authentic connection and conversation.  We’re raising disciples who connect and engage with this world.  Third, we focus in on our family values of prayer, responsibility, imagination, creativity & engagement.

Each morning we eat breakfast and have devotions and each evening we read a bible story.  After that, we’ll do “scroll-a-prayer” where my husband will scroll his recent contacts on his phone and we’ll pray for that person or their kids.  It’s fun.  It’s been almost a year and they’re not tired of it!

This season of life is making 3 disciples under my roof so they can GO and make disciples.  It’s also a continual season of supporting a ministry for my husband to GO and make disciples.

Jessica is the mother of 3, wife of a Worship Pastor, and an educator in the home.


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