Without knowing it, I needed this sweet reminder…


So maybe this is an awkward picture…I (Kelsey) don’t really do selfies but for the sake of sharing what I’ve learned…this is me, on my couch with my hubby catching up on The Voice…I look ready for bed huh? The thing is, I have looked like this all week, I mean no make-up, all-naturaaaal. I left my make-up at my mom’s at Thanksgiving and haven’t worn any all week. I’m not usually one to get all dolled up anyway, but at least blush and mascara to spice up my pale complexion and light eyelashes. Here’s the thing though, I just told my husband today that I hadn’t had my makeup bag all week and his response, his sincere response was, “Huh? Really? I didn’t notice.” Now he is sweet but he knows better than just to pump my tires if it means he has to fib. He wasn’t fibbing.  I just laughed.

I laughed and then I smiled.

I smiled thinking about how much he really does love me for me, and could care less what I wear.

But then, my heart fluttered.  Have you experienced this?  Like when you first fall in love…all twitterpated like.

Here’s the thing though…my heart fluttered because at that same moment when I realized my husbands love for me, it was as if the Lord whispered in my ear, “You ARE beautiful.  You are beautiful because I made you and I don’t mess up.  Do you think I’m beautiful? Because you were made in my image. (Gen. 1.27)”

Simple enough-but I have been basking in these words.  Apparently without knowing it, I needed this reminder.  Comparison is the thief of all joy, confidence, security, the list could go on.  I often fall into the trap of comparison, but my sweet, dear Heavenly Father says I am beautiful, inside and out, and that is ENOUGH.

I’m trying to stay grounded in this truth, with the power of the Holy Spirit.  Because, the truth is, our society tells us differently.  We don’t talk about that stuff though do we?  We don’t talk about our insecurities, we don’t share in vulnerabilities very often.  We should.  Because WE ALL have them, and hiding them just allows them to fester, and the longer they fester, the more inclined we are to believe them.

So, I’ll go first.  Here’s me with no make-up saying that I get stuck comparing myself.  But I’m choosing out loud tonight to grab ahold of the Lord’s sweet whisper, “You are beautiful.”  He’s whispering it to you too.  I dare you to be still enough to listen for it.

Psalm 139.14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

This verse isn’t just for little girls.  It’s for big girls too.



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