Building a Resilient Life | Rebekah Lyons

Building a Resilient Life | Rebekah Lyons

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As readers struggle to navigate an increasingly isolating and anxious era, bestselling author and popular podcaster Rebekah Lyons draws on Scripture, story, and psychology to help them experience strength and joy they never knew they had.

Even if you're walking through a difficult season or feeling overwhelmed with the chaos of life, you can build a peace-filled resilience that equips you with strength for today--and for every day ahead.

Life is hard for all kinds of reasons. It's tempting to try to move past the pain as quickly as possible. Instead, what if we embraced our struggles to develop the strength of resilience not dependent on circumstances?

Writing as a friend who has also walked through difficult times, Rebekah Lyons--the bestselling author of Rhythms of Renewal and the popular host of the Rhythms for Life podcast--reminds us of adversity that always comes with a choice: will discouragement, stress, and fear cause you to crumble, or will you embrace the strength you've already been given?

In Building a Resilient Life, Rebekah offers five practical, life-changing rules that help you live into God's unshakable peace in a world that seems more uncertain every day. Through Rebekah's unique blend of story, psychology, theology, and biblical teaching, you will:

Discover five rules of resilience to thrive in difficult times
Experience adversity as a friend rather than an enemy
Reset triggers of overwhelm with a fortified faith
Cultivate strong community to rally in stressful seasons
Overcome temporary setbacks without giving up

As you use these rules to build your own resilient life, you'll encounter the God who offers you a peace beyond understanding, a hope beyond today, and a strength and joy you never even knew you had.


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