Etch.Life introduces our on-demand Align Wall Decor System designed specifically for churches and ministry organizations. One that aligns with our Christian mission, and helps make your facilities and rooms more beautiful and inviting to those who engage and visit. Our decor system can become an effective way of sharing hospitality and reinforcing God’s word where your community gathers.

The Align System offers versatility, creative options, and limitless choices on size, color, frame finishes, and scriptural elements, all while being very budget conscious. Choose from our hundreds of existing art options or let us create a custom series for you.

No more shopping at discount home-decor shops and being disappointed in the scale and quality of the pieces. No more buying commercial art decor that is appropriately sized for larger spaces, but is expensive and void of intent with no Christian message or relevance to enhance your purpose as a ministry.

Finally a wall decor system that is designed specifically for Christian ministry environments. With pieces and unique décor elements designed to work together to create beautiful interior displays. Our online digital library offers hundreds of existing art/verse choices, or our designers/digital artists can help you create pieces that fits your space/ need/message. And our interior designer can help you with placement and grouping ideas.

Launching a new sermon series? A simple way to get started with Align Wall Décor is by starting each new sermon series with a beautiful wall arrangement of multiple related pieces, centrally located as a feature, supporting the series message. The décor pieces will offer a beautiful display for your congregation and visitors that introduce and reinforce the series message and teaching intent. Engaging them in the individual scriptural elements and inspiring imagery to enhance their experience. Once the series has concluded, move those pieces to other rooms and areas within your facilities to add decor and warmth to smaller Bible study rooms, hallways, or multi-purpose areas that could use an aesthetic lift. You’ll be surprised at what a fond and helpful memory trigger those pieces will become for those who took part in the associated series/lessons, recalling the message with each encounter of the art decor. What a helpful teaching tool they will become.

Pieces range in sizes from 8” x 8” to 54” x 54,” digitally printed on canvas, paper, wood, Plexiglas, and even metal. And hundreds of frame finish styles and colors to choose from. Prices start at $10.00 and all the pieces are economically priced for the limits of ministry budgets. Visit to learn more about the our other products designed specifically for Ministry + Christian organizations. Or contact us at (email) | (phone) 816.215.1792.

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