EtchLife: Meet Carrie Flener


Carrie met Matt on a mission trip to El Salvador with their college church.  During this trip, they were sharing the Gospel with a woman who told them, “Someday you will get married and have lots of babies!”  They now have three 🙂. Carrie loves coffee, trying new restaurants and DIY projects.  Her husband is a local morning TV anchor, which has meant several moves around the country for their family.

After completing her degree in marketing from the University of Missouri, Carrie felt called to college ministry and served in that role for four years.  During that time, she became a mom for the first time, so when their family moved to Austin, TX, she took on the role of stay-at-home mom.  Because of her entrepreneurial spirit, she started an Etsy shop and an at-home bread business too.

Etch has become her new heart’s desire.  Through the years of raising and discipling her kids, she has seen the need and importance of weaving Scripture and faith into every moment of every day.