Etch Life Biography for Kimberly Reid


Recently married, Kimberly and her husband Devin are gracefully learning the life of a blended family. Together they have four children, two of which still live at home full time. Kimberly has a passion for connecting people and learning more about the Lord.  She is a list maker, goal setter, and a lover of travel.  She dabbles in photography and has many unfinished craft projects.

Kimberly’s education is in accounting, but she spent most of her professional years as a “stay-at-home” mom.   The desire to re-enter the workforce, and a need for flexibility, brought her a successful career in sales and marketing.

Because Kimberly believes that ALL things ARE possible through Christ, she stands firm knowing that He brought her to Missouri for a reason.  One of those reasons is to place her at a table with three other beautiful, strong, amazing women who share her desire for connecting our spiritual lives with every part of our daily lives!