EtchLife: Meet Terri Soper


As empty-nesters, Terri and Doug enjoy helping their daughter Elizabeth navigate Grad School and are discovering the joy of being parents to an adult. Terri has a passion for changing seasons, architecture, traditional animation, and beautiful pens.

Professionally-trained in graphic design and with a degree in interior design, Terri’s two passions come together in Etch – beautiful design and the gospel of Christ. Before starting Etch, she spent 10 years serving as ministry communications coordinator for her church. Prior to that role, Terri was an entrepreneur, owning both a corporate interior design firm and a commercial construction company.

Etch provides Terri’s life with the perfect blend of her roles as Christian, business owner, designer, communicator, and encourager. As a member of the Etch team, she continues to pursue a truly Christ-centered life and is extremely excited to be a part of the Etch journey.