EtchLife: Meet Kelsey Adams


Kelsey and Tim met while they were both counselors at Kanakuk Kamps.  Tim is the Associate Pastor of their church and Kelsey enjoys raising their three children.  She also thrives on inviting people into their home and strives to ensure that love abides.

With nine years of experience in graphic and interior design and photography, Kelsey is passionate about beautiful design and how it reflects the nature and creativity of God.  She is passionate that the Lord wants to use creativity to communicate with his people; and, she hopes to use her artistic gifts to be a vessel that God can use to do so.

The Lord began stirring in her heart in the fall of 2014 that she was compartmentalizing her faith from her family’s activities throughout the day.  ETCH was the result of that tension—to create beautifully designed products and tools to help people bring Scripture and Christ into every area of their lives.